DPASSH 2024 in Limerick

This year the Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities Conference organised by the Digital Repository of Ireland took place in Limerick, on June 27-28th; I was quite excited as I had a lightning talk and a workshop to deliver there.


    As the theme was Collections as Data / Data as Collections I had to join: I am glad I got to see so many different projects and most of all, had some insightful conversations with the participants.

    Lightning Talk

    Although very much speculative / theoretical, the lightning talk I have been delivering was about one of the core aspects of my thesis: the idea of Collections as Data stewardship considering AI systems. I was able just to scratch the surface given the timeframe (and the ongoing nature of my research) but hopefully it sparked some conversations.

    Europeana Workshop on the DCH Datasheets for Datasets Template

    This has been a fantastic chance to discuss the initial template that was published by our dedicated working group — and that I plan to feature in the upcoming Projects section for my website.

    The Notion page I have created with some additional materials for the workshop is available at this link.