This is Giulia, a d-real-funded PhD candidate based at the University College Dublin, School of Information and Communication Studies

Info & Comms Studies

My recent career developments led me towards this area. I often define myself as an information professional — or better a data professional.


Though my original research area is archaebotany, I have extensive on-field experience in digital and community archaeology.


Growing up in a garden fostered my natural interest in chlorphyll-based organisms. I love to know more about them as well as growing them.

About My Thesis

I am a 3rd-year PhD researching heritage data ethics, taking as a case study the Collections as Data (CaD) initiative. I want to explore how CaD approach can facilitate critical engagement with heritage data and how eventually it can facilitate addressing ethical concerns, particularly concerning the interaction with AI systems.

Supervisors: Amber Cushing (UCD) / Suzanne Little (DCU)

About Me

I hold an MSc in Quaternary, Prehistory, and Archaeology from the University of Ferrara (2014). That same year, I began acting as a Digital and Community Archaeologist at the Terramara of Pilastri excavation, a role I held until 2020. Right after the first COVID-19 wave, I moved to Cyprus, where as an early stage researcher I tackled semantic data models for digital cultural heritage at the Cyprus University of Technology. After a year, I moved to Ireland to pursue my current Ph.D. position.

Last Activities

Apologies, this is a work in progress — I still have to migrate the blog here!