This is Giulia, a D-Real-funded PhD candidate based at the University College Dublin, School of Information and Communication Studies.

Ph.D. Research
Area & Topics

My PhD research is oriented towards the understanding of how Computer Vision and Machine Learning applications are implemented by memory organisations to deal with digitised collections, and how this implementation impacts their working practices.

Core Topics

Artificial Intelligence / Computer Vision

Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums

Digital Preservation

Information and Communication Studies

About me

In 2014 I obtained my MSc in Quaternary, Prehistory, and Archaeology at the University of Ferrara (Italy); the same year I got involved in the excavation at the Terramara of Pilastri, where I had the opportunity to work there as a Digital and Community Archaeologist until 2020. After spending a year researching digital humanities at the Cyprus University of Technology, I moved to Ireland after winning the Ph.D. position I currently hold.


Visual design and data science are among my best assets, now expanding toward more specific applications.


Yes! I am an experienced digital and community archaeologist – my original research area.


I grew up in a garden, so my interest in archaeobotany and plant biology and evolution came… naturally.

Last Activities


“That’s not Damning with Faint Praise”: Understanding the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence for Digital Preservation Tasks

— iConference 2023 \ Normality, Virtuality, Inclusivity, Physicality. March 27-29 2023, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Photo by George Milton on


“So how do we balance all of these needs?”: how the concept of AI technology impacts digital archival expertise

Journal of Documentation, 22 October 2022

Accepted version on Zenodo


A Welcome to the Machine? Archival Access and Content Retrieval in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

IRF Final International Conference: Digital Archives, Big Data and Memory. 24-26 August 2022, Aalborg University, Copenhagen.

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.”

– Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters.