Born in Ferrara in 1988 and grew up in a garden, at 3 years old I fell in love with informatics and dinosaurs. At age 8 I discovered my deep fascination for archaeology; that was the period I realised that I wanted to work with ancient stuff, green things, and computers. At 16 years old I started drawing digitally: I started developing some graphic design skills, that came in handy years later when I started working as a visual designer.

I obtained a bachelor and a master’s degree in Quaternary, Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Ferrara, having both my dissertations about plants. After 3 years spent engaging with community archaeology and graphics-related projects, I felt there was something missing. I had a bee in my bonnet; I wanted more scientific knowledge to balance my profile, in order to understand in which field pursuing an academic career.

So I began another master, this time in Biodiversity and Evolution, at the University of Bologna. I built my curriculum in Botany and I gained an Erasmus + scholarship for 10 months, that I spent at the University of León, Spain.

On June 2020 I suspended my academic career in biology to become an Early Stage Researcher at the EU-funded ERA Chair “Mnemosyne” project, in which I have been researching Semantic Data Modelling for Digital Cultural Heritage.

Then, almost a year later I started my Ph.D. at the University College Dublin, which has a peculiar focus, the relationship between digital curation practices and artificial intelligence.